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The Wild Horse Project

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Wild Horses -First Impressions

Don’t ever judge a wild horse on first impressions. Don’t judge them in the yards. I can’t stress this enough. I have seen so many horses change radically as they settle in and become confident.

That horse that’s bouncing off fences might just be the one who needs a friend to show them the way.

That horse that’s lashing out is terrified.

The one that won’t stop running doesn’t know it’s safe to stop.

People judge and write horses off so quickly. I hear it again and again and again. “I’d never take that one” when they see them in the yards. Only for the particular horse to go on to be the most terrific kids pony.

While I need to do some updates and introduce the new horses, it’s been nice to see them blossom and calm down over the last week or two.

I think I’ve been lucky to see so many horses change and develop, that their initial behaviour in yards doesn’t phase me. Shy Boy is the perfect example. He was the classic reactive, jumpy, bouncing off fences type and today he’s the one you can ride completely at liberty.

So if you’re thinking of getting a wild horse don’t judge to quickly, don’t think there is a good one or a bad one. They change so fast that one day you look back and can barely remember the wild horse they once were.

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