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Monet The Lead Mare

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Monet, the beautiful and dainty lead mare that came in with Da Vinci. She is as pretty as a little buttercup and sweet as can be. On her tip toes she might reach 13.2 hands, still young, under four years old like most wild horses she is sensible and strong under the delicate appearance Not averse to a little bit of playing around in the paddock.

While she wont welcome the young new foals like Da Vinci or actively seek them out, she does tolerate them. There is lots of rumours and bad stereotypes about red mares, but none of this applies to her. I have never seen her be snarky, bit or kicky with any other horse.

She loves the finer things in life, food, stable and comfort. Not super interested in new arrivals or who’s paddocked next like Da Vinci she is none the less a lovely mare with great social skills. Picasso and her, are best friends and spend time hanging out and playing with each other the most.

There is one side to Monet that I have not pieced together. When we found this herd there was a foal with a broken leg, this was the reason we actually caught them in the first place. I had originally thought the foal was Monet’s, due to the way she acted. However since bringing her back to domestic life, while I can’t say for sure, I now don't think that foal was hers. In fact I don't think she has ever foaled. She just took the injured baby under her care. Which is even more odd as she's definitely not the nurturing mothering type by nature. I’m not sure I’ll ever quite figure out that mystery.

Monet is the other one we have filmed the most. She was sensitive and a little flighty originally, but is far from that today. She is intelligent, fast learning and calm, another one that is so naturally light and sensitive off the aids. A joy to work with.

Photo: Masterclass Lesson 3 - The first touch

Over the next year I can’t wait to take her out and about to a few local shows. I can see her as a wonderful small child’s pony in the future and with her dainty, elegant good looks i’m sure she can hold her own in the show ring.

Photos by Hammond Images

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