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Frida the Filly

Frida, named after the great artist Frida Kahlo. She is a young, cheeky, slightly gawky youngster. The baby of the group with a chocolate toffee coat, she is like the caterpillar that will one day emerge into a beautiful dapple grey butterfly. She is going to be the spitting image of her father Da Vinci when older, already so many of their mannerisms are almost identical. For now, though she is happy living life without a care in the world. Of them all, I think Frida will end up the biggest when full grown, she’s almost as tall as her father now and domestic life is certainly helping her reach her full potential.

She is very much a daddy’s girl and you can often find her hanging out with Da Vinci. Almost every morning you’ll see them standing together grooming and scratching each other's back. She is a sweet, sensible and well-behaved girl in the herd but not above trying to constantly sneak out the paddock gate, run around the car park, into the barn or where she thinks there might be a tastier source of food available.

Frida is a typical gangly yearling with a loveable nature. Spoilt and looked after by the entire herd. She and Picasso often play and goof around together and when there are new foals she’ll be the one zooming around kicking up her heels with them. She’s like the older sister they all look up to.

If I let her in the barn she and Da Vinci always share a stable and often i’ll come in to find both their heads over the gate standing side by side. Apart from her hairdo, there's nothing to wild about Frida anymore I can see her growing into the wise grey horse just like her father one day.

Photo by Hammond Images

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