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The Wild Horse Project

Horses For Sale

The Wild Horse Masterclass


Two year old gelding

This is a lovely young gelding to grab for the future. Kind, handsome, with great movement and all the right attributes to make an amazing competitive mount.

Should mature approx 14.1hh-14.2hh currently rising 2yrs old, medium build. Easy to handle and do everything with. Knows all basic groundwork, hard ties, floats, picks up feet. Fantastic ground manners and easy to catch. He's been professionally trained up to this point and used to being part of a busy equestrian yard. Not spooky and takes everything in his stride.

I can see this boy in the saddle hunter ring in the future and being a very classy type. Could equally be an awesome all rounder, he'll have a great jump and nice correct straight movement.

He'll make a very special family pony.


The Wild Horse Masterclass

Yearling Filly 

This lovely little girl is looking for a family of her own. Currently in her ugly duckling phase but was one of the cutest foals you've ever seen and will be a stunning sporty, all-rounder for the future. A perfect pony to grow in the paddock for a year or two and come out with a future superstar later. She's just coming up a year old, loves people, always comes over to the gate to hang out and is easy to do everything with. Very cool dark chocolate brown, not quite black. With white tail and lovely bright forelock.

She's good to catch, float, worm, pick up feet, cover etc. Has been well handled and educated and very easy youngster in general. Knows all her basic groundwork and hard ties and been in a busy equestrian yard so seen a lot.

Very quiet and confident by nature and loves being brushed and the centre of attention.

I would expect her to mature around 14hh and be a great jumper and good mover. Suitable for a family wanting a best friend who can do a bit of everything.

No vices and no known health issues great feet and up to date with worming.

She's the stable star and catches everyones eye, very engaged friendly personality


The Wild Horse Masterclass


Charming is the dream wild horse, super focused, intelligent and always wanting to please. He is gelded, 3 1/2 years old and about 13hh and will grow a little bit more but not going to be huge. 

He's had all his basic handling is easy to do anything with. Easy to have around the stable. Social quiet and engaged in everything.

Will make fantastic riding pony. I can see him in the show ring or doing tricks and liberty as well.


The Wild Horse Masterclass



This is Charlotte, she's a rising 2year old bay filly. Current height just a tiny bit under 14hh and should mature about 14.1-14.2hh. This is a lovely easy and uncomplicated horse that can could be produced into great competition type pony or equally just be a kind family pony for fun and adventure.

She's got good conformation. Straight legs and lovely straight movement. Charlotte has an easy uncomplicated and quiet nature and just wants to please without causing any fuss. Good hardy solid hooves and no known issues

She has had two months of handling and learned all the basics easily in that time. She can lead, hard tie, float, knows all basic ground work, catch in paddock etc. She's been wormed and had a feet trim etc. She's used to coming into the stable each day and copes well in in a busy equestrian centre.

She's a northland bush pony, she was part of our September Wild Horse Workshop.  These horses are known for being uncomplicated easy keepers, great jumpers and excellent all rounders. Charlotte seems to be exactly the same. I can see her doing pony club champs in the future in dressage, showjumping or eventing.

No dirt, very accepting and just needs to find someone wanting a lovely pony for the future. A great way to store in the paddock and break in next summer. 


The Wild Horse Masterclass



Rising two year old gelding

This is Chico, he's a rising 2year old gelding. Estimated mature heigh 14hh. He's got great confirmation, lovely movement and an easy confident attitude. This will be a cool pony for the future, I'd say he'll be a great jumper, handsome boy who will be able to do a bit of everything and an easy horse to have around.

He is a northland bush pony and has had two months of handling and now ready to go off and find a more permanent home. Pretty easy to do everything with good in the paddock and stable. Knows all the basic, ground work, hard tying, trailer loading etc

He's gelded and up to date on worming. This would be a great project for someone he's uncomplicated, no vices and had a very good start to life. If your looking to produce a nice pony he'd be a great one especially for a teenager to start themselves.

Not spooky, has good feet, happy in a paddock with others or alone.


The Wild Horse Masterclass

Camilla & Charming

Mare & Foal

Camila is a lovely young mare, sweet, straight forward and loves being groomed and hanging out with you. She was part of the September Wild horse Workshop and has just developed the sweetest personality since coming out of the wild. She had her foal about two weeks after arriving and then had a bit of a hard time with an infection after that.Thogh she was amazing through multiple vet visits and care. Has always been kind and accepting and never shown a bad attitude to anything. She is now back on track and her and baby Charm are ready to go off to their new home. She's well handled has great feet, good in the stable and paddock. 

Charm is a little black filly, very cute and full of personality. She's used to people and has a sweet and inquisitive attitude. 

These two must be homed together as Charm can't be weaned until she's 6 months old.

Potential owners must have good paddock space and lots of grass for them to grow. 

$1200 together


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