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The Wild Horse Project

My Career

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I've been a professional in the equestrian industry for over a decade and have done everything from competing at the top level in eventing to working with wild horses and riding over 5000km across Mongolia and competing in the world's toughest horse race The Mongol Derby.

These days I'm lucky enough to work mainly with wild horses and run an expedition company in Mongolia where I get to ride camels, yaks, horses and reindeer.

However, before creating the Wild Horse Masterclass I spent 10 years as a professional eventing rider, as well as producing horses for showjumping and dressage. I won the New Zealand Young Rider series in 2019 on a little crossbred horse called Desert Legend. I then produced the wonderful Cor Jet, a wonderful Holsteiner gelding through the grades and spent 5 years competing at the top level of the sport here. Completing almost every 4* course in the country ( I never made it to the South Island ) and qualifying to go international.

I've also spent time riding overseas completing my german riding exams. I spent time as a working pupil in New Zealand's top dressage stable, gaining valuable experience and insight into training principles and what it takes to create a truly beautiful partnership between horse and rider at the advanced level. I've worked with Kazakh cowboys setting up a beef farm and watched the best horseman of Central Asia compete at the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. Then there's Mongolia where almost a decade of riding over all parts of the country has given me a unique insight into their life with horses. Combine that with a background in horsemanship and riding so many hundreds of different horses through my teenage years and early twenties and I've developed a pretty well-rounded background with horses and been able to take the best of all that diversity to create my training program.

While I still compete, these days you are just as likely to find me working with wild horses as sport horses. I love both and so many wild horses I have trained have gone on to be fantastic competition mounts for me as well, they are truly

diverse and adaptable animals.

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